Straighten Up: 4 Problems That Can Make Neck Pain Worse

Chronic neck pain can be extremely debilitating. This pain makes it challenging to complete even the simplest tasks. The cause of this problem is often hard to pinpoint and diagnose without help from a professional.

Fortunately, chiropractors specialize in helping those suffering from chronic neck pain in Jacksonville and are well-equipped to diagnose the source of this type of discomfort. Poor posture is one common factor that can worsen neck pain. Addressing these posture problems will be much easier if you work with an experienced chiropractor.

Here are some common problems that can worsen your neck pain.

Tilting Your Head Forward While Sitting

Sitting with your head tilted too far forward is a common posture problem that can exacerbate neck pain. When your head is slouched forward, the weight of your skull strains the muscles and ligaments in the back of your neck, causing tension and discomfort.

Additionally, this position causes poor alignment of the spine, which further contributes to the pain. To correct this posture issue, you should work on sitting up straight with your head over your shoulders.

Looking Down At Your Laptop or Phone

Looking down at your phone or laptop for long periods can significantly affect neck pain. This is because looking down flexes the muscles in the back of the neck while increasing pressure on the cervical vertebrae. This position causes tension, discomfort and can worsen existing neck pain symptoms.

It’s especially problematic for those who work at a desk or look down at their phone frequently. To combat this issue, taking regular breaks from looking down and keeping your laptop or phone at eye level when you need to use them is essential.

Sleeping On The Wrong Pillow or Mattress

Many mattresses and pillows don’t provide adequate support, which can cause your neck to twist and bend during sleep. This misalignment can lead to inflammation in the neck muscles, leading to soreness and stiffness in the morning.

Furthermore, sleeping on an unsupportive mattress or pillow can cause your neck to be hyperextended, leading to even greater discomfort. You should invest in a supportive and comfortable mattress and pillow that helps keep your spine aligned while you sleep to prevent this problem.

Infrequent Exercise Makes Your Posture and Neck Pain Worse

Not exercising regularly can be a significant cause of poor posture, which can lead to neck pain in Jacksonville. When the muscles that support your spine are weak, it is challenging to maintain proper alignment and balance. This can strain the neck muscles, leading to discomfort and pain.

Without regular exercise, these muscles may gradually become weaker and less supportive. This puts added pressure on the neck, leading to further pain and discomfort. Additionally, when muscles are weak, it is more difficult to engage in everyday activities without experiencing fatigue or strain.

Regular exercise helps strengthen the muscles that support your spine and improve your posture.

Experiencing Neck Pain In Jacksonville?

If you can’t function because of neck pain in Jacksonville, it’s time to take action. Our team is here to help you overcome this ailment.

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