Spinal Decompression Treatment: Some Context

Spinal decompression therapy is a common treatment for people suffering from various kinds of back pain and other spinal issues   Let’s talk in a little more detail about what spinal decompression does and why people select it as a type of therapy.   What is Spinal Decompression   Basically speaking, spinal decompression lessens certain […]

Spinal Decompression Therapy: Some Thoughts

When you’re having problems with your spine, one of your alternatives is a spinal decompression process. But some people tend to be confused about the nuts and bolts of this type of treatment and what it represents. Let’s break it down a little bit in this blog post to focus on how you can get […]

The Science Behind Chiropractic Care

There’s sort of a mist of confusion over the chiropractic care field. At least that’s true for a lot of people who might have an inkling of what this type of service provides, but not really be able to articulate why it’s so important!   Let’s talk about this phenomenon and how to understand the […]

Leveraging digital and policy tools to address the COVID-19 Behavioral Health Crisis

Several months ago, when restrictions imposed by COVID-19 surfaced, many physicians believed they could buckle down for a short time, then return to a normal routine. Instead, as each day passes, it is clear there will be no quick return to normal. As the number of COVID-related cases, patient demands, and overtime hours mount, so […]

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